About Us

PC Safe has been a leading supplier of PC, AV and Apple security devices for many years. Its ability to design, develop and manufacture to required custom specification has earned PC Safe a valuable place in the PC, AV and Apple security sector.

PC Safe enjoys a state of the art computer aided design facilities backed by most modern plant and equipment consisting of up-to-date numerically controlled machines.

PC Safe currently has a large list of satisfied customers including many leading PC hardware manufacturers and suppliers, Educational establishments, Councils, NHS, Health organisations, Corporate and non corporate sector.

Security for computer hardware is something many computer owners only consider following a break in. PC Safe's range of steel anti-theft enclosures offers an unrivalled mix of hardware security and flexibility. Media focus remains on high tech computer crime - hacking, viruses, fraud - but no matter how strong your data protection, if a thief carries your computers away, it's all gone.

While alarm systems and secure doors work well if they have been activated, all steel enclosures for your computer hardware will ensure that, if a thief does breach your premises, your computers will be safe. When it's bolted to the floor, it can't be shifted!

The time and money lost as a result of computer theft, are often far greater than the cost of replacing hardware. This vulnerability - of your hardware and data - makes computer security an important issue for every PC owner.

Fight Computer Crime

Our computer security cages are easily bolted to a floor or desk and are conveniently available for any size of PC, including desktop, tower, server, Apple iMac, Apple Mac Pro, Apple Mac Mini or custom specifications. Their 10,000 combination lever locking systems, all steel construction and protective bars ensure that the PC Safe computer security range exceeds insurance specifications. Such high security doesn't impede on usability - your machines will enjoy full air flow and the computer's users can have access to drives or you have the option of a fully closed system. As part of the in-built convenience of our PC security range, servicing and upgrading systems remains easy - for those with the keys.

PC Safe's anti-theft cages protect the hardware of a variety of organisations - including the University of York, borough councils, libraries, schools, GP surgeries and private companies. Whether you're a home user, small business or large organisation, PC Safe anti-theft devices will give you the peace of mind that your computer equipment is safe from theft.