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Adapting your workspace to accommodate your needs
Flexible working is a must in today’s modern office environment.  Employees not only want a comfortable, practical workspace, but one that can move and adapt depending on what they are doing, where they are, and how they need to work.There are gains to be made from adapting the ‘office space’, making it a more social, collaborative, environmentSchool and office environments are constantly evolving. Staff and employees need to work in different locations - sometimes standing up, other times ..
Enhance your workstation with an LCD monitor arm or mount

Whether your monitor is on a desk or needs to be wall-mounted for group viewing and presentation purposes, a monitor arm or mount ensures you can work comfortably, with full and complete vision of your screen, and adopt a physical stance and posture that is comfortable, promoting happy, healthy working conditions.

It doesn’t matter if your workspace is set up with a single screen or a number of LCDs, PC Safe’s dual and triple lift stands, screen mounts and monitor arms ensure that you are in complete control of its positioning and accessibility.

Laptop, Netbook, Chromebook, Tablet Trolleys - Safe, Secure and Ready to Use
Modern businesses, schools and organisations need to create workspaces that facilitate flexible working and learning.  That’s why many now prefer laptops or tablets rather than fixed workstations.  The problem is, if it’s not fully charged a device is no use to anyone!Our clever, easy to use Laptop, Chromebook, Tablet Trolleys make light work out of keeping your computers, safe, secure and fully charged, so that they are always ready to go.These security and storage trolleys can accomm..
Tablet security – the latest storage and charging  solutions
In our technology-rich world, you need to be on the ball when it comes to tablet security.  If you don’t step up to the challenge of securing your iPad, Galaxy, Kindle, Nexus or Microsoft Surface tablet when you lock up at the end of the day, you could be at serious risk of losing it.  And that’s not to mention the potential for it being accidentally damaged, frequently incurring significant costs.With more and more police forces across the UK, reporting thefts of mobiles, tablets and ..
Is your projector security sorted, or an easy target for thieves?

Whether you’re a busy school or a thriving business, it’s exceptionally important to ensure that your day-to-day AV equipment is fully protected so that it doesn’t become an easy target for opportunist thieves. What many don’t realise is that for just a one-off, affordable fee, you can secure and protect your office/classroom projector with a sturdy, impenetrable cage or robust mounting kit, making it impossible (or at least difficult) to access.

Just a few years ago, projector theft in schools and small businesses was rife.  Projectors are notoriously easy to lift, steal and even easier to sell on without any questions asked.

Is your computer hardware protection  on the agenda?

It doesn’t make any sense to invest in the most advanced and expensive computer hardware and AV equipment if you don’t also consider how best to keep it safe and secure.   It’s imperative, therefore, to look for full-proof computer security measures that minimise the risk of your hardware being stolen, vandalised or damaged - ensuring you enjoy 100% uptime and a maximum return on your investment.

Computer security is high on the agenda. From cyber-hacking and large-scale theft, to insider misuse and abuse and accidental damage, every business, irrespective of its size, needs to adopt a multi-tiered approach when it comes to protecting and securing their data, computer hardware and computing landscape generally. 

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